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I am a San Jose based producer who specializes in all parts of the production process: brainstorming in pre-production, shooting quality video, and perfecting the final edit. I'm committed to telling the best story possible throughout every phase of production. 


Let’s get creative together.

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Many things are possible with some enthusiasm, collaboration, and the power of a lens.

As a multimedia specialist, I'll create a piece that can be shared across many platforms. 

Technical strength is critical, but heart and connection is what will take your video to the next level.

Check out some styles I can implement for your next video that may inspire you.



Complete Video Production

Let me take care of each phase of your project, beginning with the initial creative development and ending with delivery. I want to create what you are looking for. 

I will always adapt to the needs of a project. If you want a pre-produced feature highlighting a business, individual, or initiative, I'd love to sit down and draw out a game plan with you. Look below for some content description. 



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Long Form 

10-20 minutes of interviews and 

b-roll footage. This can be documentary style or segmented into a magazine style program. Click here for a traditional example that I both co-produced and hosted.

Web Feature

3-5 minute (on average) edited feature about a person, event, business, or initiative. Can be used to promote, inform, or inspire. This can be formatted for both web and social media. Click here for a short example I shot and edited for social media and the MLB Network. 

campaign Series 

A series of different length videos often used to promote a product or tell a larger story. Some topics can't always be covered in one video alone! Click here for an example of a series I worked on with the city of St. Louis.  

Video Highlights 

No interview necessary! This a purely visual sequence that is sure to captivate. Usually concise and paired with fitting music. Can be any length that is needed. View a quick example here